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Live Support

Outhouse offers a rental PA service as well as an engineer with adequate know how and skills  to operate it for all different occasions. If you're organising an event indoor or outdoor, Outhouse can deliver a one-stop solution.  Get in touch to get more info. 


Music Production 

Outhouse has a studio equipped with some really nice (analogue) gear and a variety of plug-ins with top of the class AD conversion and clocking. Combining the power of the analogue and digital world. The studio has a cool selection of microphones and offers an elaborate backline of instruments. The studio can be rented stand alone or with an engineer. More info on the studio here. 


Stage support 

Outhouse can be of assistance in live situation, whether it is to guarantee your guitars are in tune when you're shining on stage as well to make sure everything stays on track in the form of stage management and tour support. Get in touch for more information. 

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